Women’s liberation

Seasons of my overwhelming childhood. I lived in a community where machismo was the protagonist of decades of history. It was a distant place of civilization, if you can call it that. You could not have dreams, because apparently the life you should have was written. Women married at age twelve and it was not a wedding as such, but you moved in with someone and you started a family.

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I remember my schoolmates having talks about finishing the primary school they would go with a man, to begin with, according to them, their life as someone’s wife and housewife. All this for me was confusing, because when you are in a place for a long time the environment absorbs you and many times the adaptation is to behave like the environment that surrounds you. In my conscience I felt that life was not the right one and I corrected it every time I left that town to live other seasons of my childhood in the city. The men in that place are monsters and it’s not their fault, they were raised that way.

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Discrimination against women occurs in large numbers all the time, since parents take their children away from their childhood and instruct them to learn to wash, iron, cook, etc. I would like those teachings to be for the future independence of the children, but in the case of the girls, those teachings are to serve a man.

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Unfortunately, that town is not the only place where discrimination against women occurs. The main reason for such discrimination is often by religion, because people who are attached to religion believe blindly in everything the Bible says, and, unfortunately, the Bible (religion) are the main promoters of machismo. This is because, according to the Bible, God created Adam first and created Eve from his rib. From the beginning of history, according to the Bible, they give prominence to man as the dominant being. All the discrimination suffered by women in towns like the one in which I lived men and even women themselves justify it in the Bible that’s how life should be for them.

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I am very sorry to know that this is no longer a thing of the past, but is still part of today in several countries that in the XXI century the woman is still seen as something that was born to complement the man. I do not know if that will change because many women believe that they were really born for that and those beliefs are transmitted from generation to generation, taking away opportunities of how it would be to really live being themselves.

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I honestly think that in order for women’s empowerment to gain strength worldwide, women must unite and enforce everything that differentiates them from men. No human being is worth more than another, and you as a woman are no less than the opposite sex. The power you need is something that you activate when you learn to love yourself, to want your faults, to work on improving as a person, to try to realize all your dreams, not wanting to get married if it is not what you want, not having children, if not you want it You were not born with the obligation to fulfill that. You can be a capable woman who inspires others to believe in themselves. You were not born to please anyone. You do not deserve to suffer for someone who does not love you. You deserve the world and it is time for you to run for it.

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Very recently I began to know the existence of organizations that fight for women’s empowerment. Organizations that seek to make all information accessible to women and realize that there are many other women fighting for their rights and seeking to unite to end discrimination against women.

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I moved to Mexico a few days ago and I have sought to meet new people and to get involved in women’s empowerment. When I first arrived I explored my new home walking and went to browse a store called Liberation.

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Liberación is a store for women that looks for something more than just selling clothes. It was born from the need of its owner to create a store to inspire women and seek to create a space that is not only clothing but a place where you can inform yourself and dress knowing that buying a garment is supporting not only its owner and to your business, but to a struggling woman who seeks to give you a message of female liberation through her clothes.

Sary Rojas creator of Store Liberation

After knowing that store I arrived at my house and I kept thinking about that nice place. Then I followed her on Instagram and it was there that I realized how important her clients are for the people who are part of Liberación. I dared to write to them and to tell them how much I liked their place and their concept. We agreed that I would do an interview to be able to know their history and be able to let them know you. It was an afternoon of much learning about female empowerment. Her creator told me how important it is to not have the power to make women love themselves and that impotence led her to create a different concept which is reflected in her women’s clothing store.

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After chatting for a while I interviewed her, to which she cordially replied, expressing herself without any grief or distrust. It was very gratifying for me to have met her and made sense of all her positive energy. I would love for women to be able to connect with each other. It is truly amazing.

Liberación Store

Here I leave you to read the interview I did to the creator of Liberation:

  What does Liberation applied as a concept to a clothing store mean?

Liberation for me is, more than anything, that many people think it means rebellion, but rather I raised it to free you from ideas that limit you both emotionally and so that you can move forward in life. Sometimes a woman for believing that she can not do certain things, because she does not advance in work, or does not travel, or simply does not know other people because she thinks she can not or do not know, but basically, through clothes women can get rid of ideas as easy as brunettes can not use pink or things like that, basic things and from then on as dresses, skirts and everything. Like those rules that can help you, but you think not. Basically, use what you want, and, dare.

What is your personal meaning of female empowerment?

Híjole (laughs), look, is that since I lived alone without my parents since I was twelve years old, then because I was learning about freedom, then, for me, when I entered university, I was not thrilled as to get drunk or get lost or I do not know, as in things because I learned all that from a very young age, that is, it’s not like I got drunk very young, but freedom feels that sometimes it can be misinterpreted then empowerment is knowing how to say no, is to say yes when You want to choose the man you want and not the one imposed on you by society, it is knowing whether you want children or not, it is knowing if you are ready to be a mother, because sometimes it is silly but you do not know what it is to be a mother and responsibility. It is being a good citizen. Empowerment is knowing that you can not depend economically on someone, know that you can make your money and as you say, you do not necessarily have to leave, you can do it from home and comfortably and you are doing something, as you do not just believe that only you will be doing things from home.

As a participant and spectator, in what way do you feel that women’s empowerment has taken more attention today?

Personally I think it has been like a revolution and I still feel what is little understood by few women. There is still a lot of machismo, at least in what I have noticed in Mexico by women, and that is much more painful than when a man tells you. When a woman says to you, “it’s what you’re a ‘feminazi'”, just because you’re fighting for her to no longer tell you compliments, for such simple things that should be a nuisance for all women, for some women it’s a nuisance that you you complain about men. I feel that we still have a lot to learn from feminism.

How did the idea of opening a clothing store come up with a concept that seeks to carry a message to women?

Well, you know, it’s a little frustrating to know what you want and what you do not and then to see your acquaintances who do not know it. So I wanted to find a way to give something positive through clothes and people if I did not know, and maybe I had the thorn to ask why I have to do this, why Elsy (me) and not me, and sometimes One does not know what machismo is or do not know that there are preferences. You do not think what it is, but then, I was frustrated to know that there are 30-year-old married women with children who would never have traveled or never really fallen in love, or who were afraid of divorce because they think that the family is a Dad, a mom and children and leave their happiness aside just to please a society that does not really care. When there are other women who have been divorced several times and are very happy, and who, I do not know, I feel that the mere fact of not having enjoyed life and knowing that they are going to die like this frustrated me a lot. It was like, “it can not be, it can not be possible, it’s such a beautiful person and he did not really know happiness”. That frustrated me a lot, and that’s precisely why I tell you that the age range of my store, Liberación, is like a little higher because I realized that women of my age had these limitations and frustrations. For example, people I know of 30 years and have not married and are also frustrated by not having children and they say, “esque everyone tells me and asks why I have not married and why I have still had children” . I would like to tell you, “do not worry, nothing happens, you may not have children and everything will be fine. I am married and I do not have children and I feel the indirect and direct pressure, of questions of why I do not have children, and I am not prepared at this moment to have children and I have no problem with that “,

Have you thought about capturing those incredible ideas that you have and designing your own clothes?

Yes, if I thought about doing it. Unfortunately when you do projects sometimes things do not go as expected, as one would like, and sometimes to despair or hope that results are quick, then, you close your business or whatever. Well I already have the experience of years in this and between that I closed other stores, between which I had partners, between which there were lost, and all that, because I have learned. So my lesson was to be patient with things. So right now I’m like it’s a dream and I’m patient and I know it’s not going to be tomorrow or the other month, but when I do it I’m going to do it very well because it’s going to be the whole experience that I’ve accumulated in all this time in the business.

From your perspective, what are Puebla women like? Do you think they are more updated in terms of female empowerment?

Look, I’m from Puebla, but since I was very young I moved to Chiapas and later I also lived in Tabasco, well maybe you do not know, but it’s in southern Mexico, and when I came to live in Puebla, I went to concerts and I I danced a lot and I did not drink alcohol. I was 18 years old and did not consume alcohol. I went and danced and I had a lot of fun, but without drugs or alcohol. Then when I danced, the girls from Puebla would come up to me and say, “Hey, and do you have taches (ecstasy in Mexico)? Or, what do you have or what do you bring? “And I answered,” I’m not drugged, “and I thought,” I mean, do they think I’m drugged for freeing myself and dancing the way I want? ” in one of those concerts a girl came up to me and said, “are you coming from the DF (Mexico City)? Because Puebla women are not like you. ” I replied, “Yes, I am Poblana.” She insisted, “No, you do not look like a Poblana, the people are not like that, it’s more, they would not come to these places”. And of course here in Mexico there is that elite who marry each other or all study in certain places or go to certain places, and in fact Cholula is like the “underground”, as the alternative, as I go to Cholulay I am “cool” , and the rest, Angelopolis and the clubs that are there are like that other group that would never come here. In summary, I think that not all women in Puebla are so open and not all are very aware of what female empowerment entails.

Who are part of liberation?

Eilen and I (Sary Rojas). good Eilen she works here in the store, but also manages social networks, good Facebook, is that now there are two stores as mixed, then it is Liberation and which I closed, and she manages social networks also of the another store, he writes, he does the programming for the week, and hey, basically Facebook is almost almost his mind. Of course we both talked before making any decision to project on the networks, but I feel that 99% is yours. And now, Instagram and the networks of Liberation take them.

 What is the message you would like to give to other women?

Look, that is, there are twenty thousand things, but one of them is like what you said and I feel identified, even if you are younger than me, but the fact that you marry does not tie you for life with someone and It is not that you have to have children, or be the traditional housewife and that is like part of the woman, and, if you want to find a husband or boyfriend you should not think that that person has to give you freedom, because freedom is not something that someone should give you, is something yours that belongs to you. The person you want to be with will fall in love with you for how you are, and what you are, is what you have to respect whenever you are with you. You can become very frustrated if you think that he wants to change your way of thinking or even come to believe that you should stop doing the things you like just because he is upset. If you feel you are in a relationship like that, run away and do it now. You should also open up to new ideas and not think that divorce is a tragedy, you’ll be fine. If you feel that age 27, 28, 29 or 30 you have reached your age, and you start to hear comments like “you already stayed single” or this or that, do not be afraid, you can always find the right person and If you do not want to share your life with someone, nothing happens. You know you will be fine. Do not make quick decisions just because you want to please people because you could be very happy in the future and with those decisions you can be ruining it only by the comments of other people. There are more messages that I would like to send, but the most important is that they develop that self-love, accept each other, love each other, do the things they like a lot, travel, eat, take with the people they love, accept themselves and take risks.

How do we find Liberation in social networks?

On Instagram we are like “Liberaciónstore” and on Facebook too.

Instagram liberaciónstore

I end the interview and absorbed new learning from a beautiful, strong woman who lives her days with her own original lifestyle. Under their rules, ready to learn and transmit their knowledge, concerned about other women, wishing strongly that those women who still live in the shadow of machismo, realize soon how valuable they are and the countless opportunities they can have Yes, they begin to live by being themselves and not letting anyone tell them what life should be like for them.

Team Liberación Store

Liberación Store is a women’s clothing store, located in San Andrés Cholula, Puebla Mexico.

Women are completely different from men not only because of the anatomy of women, but because of their incredible capacity to develop a different soul all that incredible difference does not make us less than men or more than them, all human beings deserve respect and the difference of the woman deserves respect in all aspects, neither the male nor the female gender should be promoters of inequality.

Kafme in Liberación Store

What both should look for is mutual respect, the life of a human being belongs to him in its totality. No society, no religion should dictate how you should act or create divided categories of inequality and discrimination for women, life is precious is a happiness to feel that you breathe do not allow yourself to be the shadow of anyone, and when you have enough use of reason open your own path one in which you learn to love yourself to realize that nobody deserves your suffering please protect your life with love and look for what does not take away even a single second of freedom.

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