Sunny Naked

Crying while drinking coffee and the music of the place is so sad, it wraps me up and leads me to miserable the mixture of sad feelings. You do not think about anything even in the past, you only think at the moment what makes you feel. The cold in the morning is terrifying, I feel my heart strive to beat in harmony, I look for a radical change now feels that change and strives to feel positive to go forward.

The cold causes the skin to fall into small layers, as if it were making you bloom again. I see people walking carefree, I do not produce thoughts, I do not know anyone here for now. Honestly I do not know how I feel, that feeling makes me cry not sadness is as if I was not yet ready for big changes. You are never prepared for what you do not know, those unknown things that take you away, maybe it’s a matter of time to adapt, sometimes I think that the more I know, the more confused and extraordinary life becomes at the same time.

I do not think about the future now for the first time in my whole life I like the present. He paid attention to the flowers that I see while walking, most of the time I take photographs of them, I can not ignore how great nature is when it is healthy. I know that the change scares me does not come to think that it scared me but it is part of the ocean that I can see almost from the shore, waiting to launch me with two possibilities to live! or drowning does not sound inspiring to drown me, but it feels good to know that I can immerse myself in the blue ocean of hope.

It is rare to live with another person not “weird” bad but interestingly rare. It’s not like in the movies it’s as if two people together create their own original lifestyle. Humans are really interesting when we use thought, when we direct life to extraordinary things. I see you and I do not feel anything, other days I see you and you make me feel everything is not bad is the most real thing that someone has made me feel. You do not question anything, you hug me when I cry without meaning, I do not have to tell you anything, you make me feel your love and I make you feel mine.

Sunlight gets through my window at five in the afternoon, my new home has a lot of potential I want to give it a colorful style something that inspires me every time I open the door. I’m doing great things I do not know what your concept of great things is, for me great things are decisions that are made when nobody even you thought you could take them, I know that God is up watching me letting me flow I feel that he takes care of me gives me wisdom It has made me feel lonely, I am relieved to know that it exists for me.

Sometimes I think a lot about why humans can not reach perfection, life itself is a bane for anyone and not a single perdition but rather, countless perditions for humans without direction, I do not know if what I write produces something to Someone I just want to apologize for my lack of writing and congruence in what I write, I work in learning to write well I want to think that you understand some of this, I want to think that you feel some of this. We are unknown, I know, but we are both humans. Do you know? Should not there be differences in a single true race?

I see how insignificant we are for the infinite universe I also see the fundamental pieces that we are to be part of that same infinite universe, the meaning for you is not something that you have to wait for people to give you, the meaning about you is something that you believe with the things you do. I know that people scare you, I know you try not to care about their comments, but sometimes you feel so lonely and you want to be cured of loneliness, how much more you need to learn to love yourself, you are the most important thing you have, and people out there you will never see life with your eyes, learn to fly without looking in any direction in which you feel the speed of your beautiful flight slow down.

That sunlight of which I write is truly beautiful, like a yellow jewel that traps my whole face, I like to stop and look at the sunset for a few seconds, I always want to remember the things that matter. I do not know how long I will be in this beautiful and dangerous world, I just know that I want time to remember me, I want us to remember that we were here too. I do not think that to die literally is to cease to exist, I think that dying is something necessary to know other realities, and even if that were a lie, I do not care, I think we should all think that there is something after death, beautiful souls deserve eternity .

A thousand thoughts run wild in my mind when I go out walking alone, I observe people it feels interesting to think about existing. You do not need drugs to travel to artificial happiness, use thought when you want and make an interesting trip as many times as you want to millions of questionnaires about life, get answers over time and discover true happiness so that you appreciate existing. Whether you are a man or a woman, you are a human who deserves great things. Create in your mind the greatest thing you can think of and run to find it you deserve.

In the attempt to achieve your dreams you will feel the relief will close your wounds everything that was impossible to imagine now you can imagine it, as I said before “to try is to win everything even if you do not win anything”. In this huge world there is room for you and for me to look for our space. The whole journey burns the desperation many times it promises to leave you standing you have to deal with the negative not letting you be patient. I do not know everything even though I thought I knew everything, in many of my reflections I have realized things that I would never have believed before.

Living following our own decisions is the best we can give to our life. If I make a mistake I do not lose anything, life takes its course no matter how much you win or lose time does not stop, perhaps we should learn from time not to pause all the things we want to do just for the failures. Learn to love yourself and be the guide of your life do not make my mistakes that have been terrible sometimes for my fragile self-esteem, I would like to return the time to make me come to my senses to tell me that what he wants to do with his life is wrong and to be able to flee from him, a monster that took my life, I am far from being that weak person who let them manipulate his life, I have taken off and I do not think I feel nostalgia for the past.

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