Roma endearing

I was waiting for breakfast while I was browsing Netflix looking for something new to see, I saw the black and white cover of Rome saying “Alfonso Cuaron” big, I thought it was a movie about Rome because at that time I did not know who was Alfoso Cuaron since I’m not very knowledgeable about cinema. I started to see the film at first I did not understand it because I did not see anything from Rome anywhere, little by little the film was catching me I paid attention to the colors not only were black and white but a gray scale as a combination of several colors in different tonalities some more marked than others.

I concentrated on what I saw felt as if I was watching someone else’s story, it did not look like a movie about acting but, rather, a plot that makes you feel emotions connects you with what is happening and you put yourself in the place of the characters As if it were someone you know and you even get sad when the story becomes sentimental. While I watched the movie I paused it several times, I was intrigued to know about the main actress, as soon as I learned about Yalitza Aparicio I focused on her character, because not only did I watch Cleo I saw a real Mexican girl acting for the first time in a natural way. if they had recorded it secretly.

Undoubtedly, her character represents all those good and hardworking women who have their history who suffer occupying a place that stupid society makes them believe when we are all human beings and deserve to fight for our dreams regardless of our economic, race, social, educational level etc. We all deserve to imagine the impossible and try to make it possible, Rome is about a high class Mexican family that suffers from family problems like many Latino families, their main character is in the middle of everything that happens in that family, telling another story behind everything and indirectly suffering from the sadness of the family for which he works, because when he shares with them he worries about well-being, that’s what good people do.

Rome is a film with a family-centered theme that many people go through in real life. Perhaps its creator did not expect so much recognition for the film because it was a personal project that seeks to tell a story of his childhood. The film had an impressive scope to many people made them feel different things some because maybe they went through similar problems and others like me made us relate something from the past. Rome being a familiar topic with so much feeling I create a relationship with many people around the world, we are all human and even with different lives, we all have in common the power to feel.

The scene that made me cry was that of the beach, the disinterested love that someone can come to feel for another person is magical has an immersed power. Rome deserves all the acknowledgments of the world for having made us connect with a subject close to reality by teaching me that life should continue even when everything we have built crumbles before our eyes. We must love those who love us and be grateful to those who are good people with us. People mostly forget important things become selfish and insensitive make the world a dangerous place. The creation of Rome by Alfonso Cuaron is a film that reminds me of the true art of cinema, which is based on leaving a teaching to be endearing.

Latin Americans support our culture, our history, our people, our sentimentality let others tell their stories we know the talent of our people let us know to the rest of the world our culture all the good that we have. Stop being known only by violence, crime, poverty, etc. Rome is an original movie is not a boring movie is something new that is making the world roar. Yalitza Aparicio is an authentic woman, someone who inspires me, she deserves all the good things in the world, thanks for being the voice for many women who are stranded in a place that the filthy society has made them believe they deserve.

Latin women are women who deserve equality and respect do not let anyone put you in a place where you are the only one who decides where they want to be by their own decision. Hopefully the different types of art are available to everyone in the world we all have the right to tell our stories, learn from the realities of others let’s stop being selfish and stop criticizing others that if they accept themselves and want to share Something, I’ve learned that you can always learn something good from a person.

Mexico has many stories to tell is a unique country with a culture that is worth gold, Mexicans should feel proud of their country even if you are of another descent. If you were born in Mexico it is your country and you should support it and defend it would not be logical for you to criticize a country in where do you live if you do not do anything to improve it then what do you do living in Mexico? Has no sense. Remember that the real Mexicans are not whites, the original language is not the Spanish, the true Mexican culture is something that they created, let’s learn to respect the origin of the story.

You are not better than others because of your skin tone, eye color, social class, you are not better than someone because of how you shine, you are better for your quality of conscience and for your ability to live life being an exemplary citizen who develops your soul and pay attention to their personal growth and not to give destructive criticism to others, do not be an empty and disgusting human being because if so I swear that the world does not need you nobody needs you and nobody would miss you, you would be a waste in the history of humanity someone who contaminates all the good that exists, you still have a chance to change would be miserable to leave your way through the world as someone without a history, as a zombie emptied a person scum someone should not have existed.


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