Human Embrace Yourself

You are an incomparable human being, you can not decipher even when you stare at yourself in a mirror, trying to see yourself as if someone else were doing it. Look at your beautiful eyes observe the color you feel as they shine with all the splendor, your hands make them touch each other caresses your fingers do it slowly, can you feel it? now touch your arms, feel your skin see that beautiful color you have on the skin, caress your body, hug it give yourself all those hugs you ever needed.

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Do not bother to be silly, life is not forever this phrase I would like to repeat it all my days and not fall into the error of complexing and suffering for that. I know that the world does not work the way we would like it, I know that if you want to know the world you have to have money, I know that when you are an adult life seems to lose its magic things get more difficult even when you are successful we will never escape and the mind is precisely our true being. I do not like to think about death, the days go by faster to grow old you can not see but it is happening as time goes on, the old ones realize many things when they are old. What would happen if we realized before?

Look in a mirror, remember all the past think about everything you’ve had to go through so you can continue with a life in which you can still keep standing. I know you have suffered that sometimes you make sense that nothing makes any sense, I know that some people you felt loved did not love you and left you stranded somewhere in your mind asking for explanations to yourself. The woman who did not correspond to your sincere love, the man who left you disappointed looking for strength to continue, the friend who let you down when they were the people you trusted the most, even someone from your family who could never love you when you needed of your love and support. I know that when you see romantic movies somewhere you think about your romantic life that thought becomes horrible when you have not even had even a minute of that feeling that the protagonists transmit to you.

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When I think about death I feel as if I were nothing in everything that makes the universe exist, other days I feel that I am an important piece, I like to think about the second option I feel that makes me feel better. I see the news I read the damage we do to the planet earth indirectly and other human beings in a direct way, I read about murders, robberies, accidents, racism, etc. It seems as if almost everyone did not have sensitivity the bad things are currently the protagonists and does not seem to improve, thinking well that a good person would want to be eternal in a world of bad people.

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Ignoring all those bad news would not do me good, since it would be to live in a false world you have to be informed of the good and the bad in order to get an idea of which place is best for you or what are the best decisions you can make. Are you still embracing all the parts of you? look in a mirror and ask yourself what is preventing you from loving yourself? nothing prevents you from loving yourself, bad decisions, bad experiences, you are the only obstacle that prevents you from loving yourself.

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Do not allow yourself to return with that person who destroyed your good intentions, as I said the world has evil as its protagonist, you can not allow your environment to be surrounded by negative things. Sometimes I feel that I do not belong here, it is as if my mind were elsewhere most of the time. I am honest when I talk to people, some do not seem to be in any kind of harmony with me, and when I feel something like that, I walk away forever. It’s not selfish, it’s self-love and it’s amazing what that power can do in you, what I said to do at the beginning is what I do every time my self-esteem weakens, I have to remind myself of everything I’ve gone through so that my life has somehow a healthy balance that allows me to continue even when existential crises make their appearances and I lie in bed watching the ceiling, as if waiting for someone to give me all the answers.

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Apparently the ceiling of the room will not give me answers, I may lose many hours of my life looking for some explanation but in the process of staring at that white ceiling my mind seems to get the same color it manages to calm itself to take strength to continue and not to drown in thoughts that does not understand. The white ceiling of the room seems to be a type of therapist for the existential crises, you have to let the sunlight enter through the window minimize everything you can, the noise of lying down, letting your mind calm down has worked for me. I’m not a guru of how life should be, I’m just a human being experiencing the doubts of the mind. Expressing the things that I can not or do not know how to experience in the process of expressing myself when I write is as if it worked even better than seeing the white ceiling of the room.

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