What I learned in the largest museum in Latin America

On Sunday, March 17, 2019, I was in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico. It was a day of much travel by subway the city is very large and the subway is the fastest option to get anywhere in this city. You have to be very careful when traveling by subway in that city since according to the news kidnappings and robberies are things that unfortunately happen, which is why there are many police officers in the station. I notice that there are also wagons exclusively for women and children all to try to give them greater security, it is one of the measures taken by the police in Mexico City in the face of waves of crime, something common in almost all Latin American countries .

From the hotel where I was staying I had to make six stops in the subway to get to Paseo de la Reforma, Polanco Bosque de Chapultepec address in which is the largest museum in Latin America. The National Museum of Anthropology that was inaugurated on September 17, 1964, was founded with the idea of recording everything that could be done and thus, as time goes by, creating a kind of transition to the present. In the Museum you can see different rooms in which everything is very well organized and explained, the Museum also houses paintings and murals of 20th century artists. It is amazing to be able to have access to so many unique exhibitions that represent cultures for millions of years in an almost intact state of preservation, it is like taking a tour of the past and realizing our origins of all the traces that the human being has left with the pass of the time.

Did you know that the first human being on earth originated in Africa? This is how we are all descendants of Africa, we come to populate the world through migration. In the Museum I was able to observe the structures of the monkeys represented by human evolution, the more you explore the Museum you will observe the different physical changes of these animals and the behavior changes at first you see the monkeys in a habitat in which they behave like animals Wild in the tour you can see how the monkeys are changing, they behave with more similarities to humans, you can see the monkeys with big spears hunting mammoths and the females making the fire to later cook the meat, you can also observe females and males building houses, a part of the exhibition of human evolution represented in the monkeys is a scenario in which the females are pregnant and others are seen giving birth to their young, in this part of the story it is seen that the The issue of childbirth is something that females do between them privately.

In one of the final parts of human evolution you can see the monkeys with different characteristics from the beginning of the exhibition you see more humans at this stage you see them wearing a kind of clothing that covers their genital parts, the females come with that maternal instinct hugging their babies and playing with them. The human coexistence with animals is not something that looks friendly since the past can be seen as humans and animals were creating a kind of distancing each species was creating their own habitat one separate from the other, over the years the humans were domesticating some species these animals are a mixture with others which was creating offspring and a facility for humans to domesticate and use them for their own benefit. In the different rooms that show human evolution, you can also see the evolution of the planet Earth and the different climatic changes.

At the entrance of the Museum is currently an exhibition of Cefalo and Aurora a sculpture in which you can see a man yielding to the charms of a goddess named Aurora, when I arrived at my house I was curious to read about that story which It takes place in Greek mythology, a very interesting and heartbreaking love story. The sculpture of Cefalo and Aurora is an artistic delight carved in marble, Aurora a Greek goddess condemned by Aphrodite to fall in love only with young mortals this in revenge since the goddess of the Aurora had been lover of the couple of Aphrodite. Aurora fell madly in love with Cefalo, a young mortal who resisted his charms as he wanted to respect the vows of love for his wife. Aurora infatuated with cefalo showed him that his wife would be able to deceive him in exchange for riches, Cefalo did not believe the goddess Aurora and she in her desire to conquer him turned him into a stranger with riches cephalo disguised as a stranger offered him a crown of gold among other riches his wife is willing to sleep with the stranger in exchange for such riches was then cefalo realized that Aurora was telling the truth, he felt betrayed and it was then that he finally gave in to the charms of Aurora. I recommend reading the story is very interesting


The Museum is huge and holds many exhibitions in which several of them represent the different Mexican cultures, the colors of Mexico, the handicrafts of various Mexican states since ancient times, you can also see the cultures of ancient civilizations such as the Mexicas, Mayas, I enter others. It gave me great impression to know how these civilizations respected the environment and taught their children to respect the animals to take care of the planet earth since it was the source of their food and their existence. In Mexico today there are many tribes that are still preserved and live by their customs speak their language of origin, dress in an original way respecting the customs of their ancestors and refusing to be conquered. An applause for Mexico for the importance they give to their culture, hopefully all of Mexico and the world will realize how beautiful their origins are and the importance of preserving them from respecting those people who live with different customs and culture because they do not have Absolutely nothing to envy to any other culture.

Finally I want to tell you that I believe fully in God, that I do not follow any religion but that I believe in God as the creator of the universe. I believe in the human evolution explained from the scientific point of view, a physical and mental evolution that dates back millions of years, for me it is like having dropped an evolutionary seed and that with the passage of time was reproducing itself in different ways, the The result was creating diversity and placing each living being in different parts of the earth. I once wondered if the theory that humans descend from monkeys is true, because monkeys do not evolve today? my answer now after reflecting is that when the genes of the monkeys evolved, they created a separation between them as a herd, giving rise to a sort of distancing in the same way each time the genes evolved, perhaps due to matings with different species. Instead of seeing the different physical and mental differences of their descendants, they also created this distancing and did not mix with the monkeys, creating millions of years ago their own habitat and realize the mental advantage that they had making them different from the animals humans were being the owners of the land as a new species that could reason and make decisions and that is how we came to what we are now, we are not evolving physically but if we evolve mentally.

My theory is based on the fact that millions of years ago when humans appeared on earth there was no society whatsoever, no one said what was right or what was a bad reason why they lived freely, if they fought among themselves that created a distancing. I think that at that time the human anatomy of that time was constantly changing through the process of evolution, this caused distancing since evolution means a difference. A clear example of my theory is how since the existence of society people categorize those who have some genetic malformation create a distance by not enforcing The same rights, a person with a “perfect” human anatomy will not mix at the time of reproduction with a human who has some mental or physical disability. Why? Because the difference of millions of years ago and now is that there is a society that says how humans should behave, what life they should have categorized according to their social status, intellectual capacity until they dress what leads me to think that The first humans also they behaved in a similar way and distanced themselves from those who looked different, nowadays society tries to integrate those people who are different from them but still there is that distance. I hope you have managed to understand what I am trying to explain from my own thinking

Where will the human species come in the future?

Museo de Antropología Ciudad de México



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