Naked In Eternity

Fotografía Tomada De Pinterest

She was naked, she was alone surrounded by green landscapes in the distance, she looked deeply at everything that surrounded her, she knew that she had to feel alone, there was no one, no other human being nearby, she did not feel alone, she felt peace. During the night I could see the stars, I could see that clear sky with a deep blue during the day. Her naked body and her long hair was a jewel that made her different from everything else, when she bathed in that waterfall the sunlight illuminated her body, her beauty shone was unique even though she did not even know about human beauty could not be compared with someone else, there was no one else.

During the mornings she walked around picking fruits, eating happily, during the rainy afternoons she ran, she wanted those drops to catch her, she wanted to get completely wet, the rain was soft with her, they seemed to be playing at the sound of the waves. The animals were not afraid of her. She did not fear them. Both were wild, none approached, they respected their small space on earth, they knew that respect was the key to being able to explore every inch of the earth and leave it intact.

She was eternal her thoughts traveled in her mind, they seemed not to stop she liked to imagine she liked to think that she would reach the moon, she did not feel alone she did not want explanations she just wanted to continue enjoying the combination of which she was part of a nature that was bigger than her. Those hot summer days were thrown into the blue ocean I could breathe under water even when she did not know what it was to breathe, she plunged into the ocean she looked at the marine animals she wanted to touch them she kept respecting her space. The winter days were totally white she was still naked, she was a waterproof human she liked to touch the snow she watched the snowflakes fall on those pines, her favorite days were the primaverales she liked to hear the buzz of the bees, the birds walking in the skies singing those inspiring melodies.

One of those eternal days I hear in the distance some shouts sound like the same sound when she sang in those afternoons when the sun is hiding, without thinking that the human who did not know about fear was to investigate what was happening, she realized then that there were more humans like her in that place, they were not naked they had colorful clothes she hid in some trees to observe them she realized that the screaming was a kind of game between them she approached but they did not react seemed to ignore her. She began to scream and that sound did not seem to alter those humans, she did not know what was happening but she wanted an explanation, the days kept going by, those humans had left without leaving any sign in which she could know why they did not want her.

The stations in that place continued to spend that eternal woman no longer danced with the rain and did not want to sing anymore, she did not want to be part of the combination she wanted to be seen she wanted to feel part of a group she knew when she saw the others. His thoughts were still in his mind now they were not traveling thoughts to the moon, they were strict orders shouting to find other humans. Her rainy afternoons turned to tears she also produced drops were tears that the rain was carrying, the screams were heard again ran was excited the humans had returned.

He saw a tall woman with beautiful hair, she was on her back she could not see her face, the woman was screaming she was scared, the other humans were men were pushing her to the ocean they were on a cliff, the woman was horrified begging she did not want to die that way. The eternal young woman did not understand, she shouted jump, nothing would happen, the young woman who was screaming stopped doing it, it seemed that she finally realized the presence of that eternal young woman, who, excited to be heard, shouted louder and louder. The young woman who was about to fall down the cliff, raised her hands to the sky opened her eyes and let herself fall to the blue ocean, it was there where the eternal young girl saw the face and realized that it was herself, a breeze frost ran through her body she could feel that, she died on that cliff her spirit became eternal.

She did not want to remember her human life again, she realized that it was time to give up all those sad memories she followed with her happy days in that paradise, there were days when she heard those screams again, she did not go looking for herself, she said no to all those times that the screams wanted to break their peace until the screams disappeared forever from his mind. Her spirit became intact, she continued to be part of her perfect world, she continued to dance with the rain breathing the ocean air, a different one that healed her.

Please go ahead.

Fotografía Tomada De Pinterest



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