Let go and you will advance

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It’s hard to stop trying, it feels like a failure that you’ll never recover from if it hurts when you feel disoriented, you’re very strong when you’re waiting for everything you do has a positive effect on your life, something that changes everything for well and I push you to success. It’s good not to know what to do with your life, I believe faithfully that the best thing you can do is try new things all those in which you happily do them. We do not ask to come to this world we are a living being product of the reproduction of two human beings that will not always be in our lives, fortunate those who came to the world through a desire and a responsible decision of those two human beings who gave you a full life of possibilities and they were or are there being your protectors and guides.

Times change the solution to success today is not to graduate from a university, unfortunately education has become a business companies give themselves the luxury of placing a lot of filters making it seem that they are doing you a favor by hiring you, when they both really do themselves a favor, they both work only in combination. I do not know exactly at what age a person realizes the reality of how a society works, how disappointing it may be to realize that you can get to work eight hours a day for a salary with which you survive is physically and mentally exhausting. True feeling of living should not feel that way. Thank God I have not had to live that, but I can still feel like destroying a human being, as it destroys his real dreams a disgusting routine, one that must continue to survive, I’m twenty now and realize all that It is a complete downturn to my peace of mind, I would like to change the way the world works. I would like to help those people not to let their dreams go forever so they can escape from everything that makes them want to live no longer.

The people who seek success in whatever we do, what we really seek is also the economic success to escape those eight hours of work in a company that is not ours and that surely do not give you the value you deserve as a human being and like an employer. A company in which you can not grow in which you feel you are staking working a large number of years, seeing your life go by I swear I do not want that for me or anyone else. You realize what you really want to do with your life when you spend time reflecting on trying new things, you can not realize what you really want if you spend most of your day studying a career at the university where you are not learning anything because you simply and simply do not like it or because education is really bad and you do not know what else to do.

I remember my time at the university, I just came in to feel like I was doing something with my life, something that people out there would think was important. I left the university last year I am twenty years old and I am in a reflective moment of my life I know what I want to do, I know that getting out of college was a good decision I was studying psychology for almost three years, in all that time the money went away I did not learn everything that supposedly must be learned when you study a career like that.

I learned that some private universities can be a complete business, I learned that the people who give you classes in the university at least where I was are people who do not want you to be successful, they do not let you express yourself about what you really think, they do not they want to talk about something else only what is in the slides they prepared or tasks that have nothing to do with what they spoke in the school week. The life of a human being can become a constant battle between what you want and what you can, life is hard in any language, in any country anywhere in the world it is difficult to be clear that the problems of a human being are not the same as the problems of others, this applies assuming that your problems are emotional but when it comes to a country are problems that are part of the life of almost the majority of the population imagine how is the life of someone who lives in a third world country.

You have to let go of everything that does not produce any good impact on your life, everything that does not allow you to take that step may be a horrible job, a toxic person, a family that wants to impose its ideals on your precious adult life and self discovery. I can not decipher now if I’m stranded or if I’m really doing something that is making me move forward even when I can not see that progress, maybe it’s a little advance if it’s like that, it’s something great for my life. I miss a lot imagining a life of accomplished accomplishments, as that feeling in which you have the certainty that all the decisions of the past were right.

My life has not been beautiful I have memories of decisions I do not take that still torment me, I hate those memories in which I lived for many days letting a man who claimed to be the perfect boyfriend make the decisions of my life, I want to vomit completely for all those days that I let their filthy manipulation have such an influence on life decisions. Having let that part of my life go forever, made me move forward in leaps and bounds, made me learn to love myself to respect myself as a human being and get away from anyone who looks like that man that caused me so much stress and so much mistake. I do not like to think much about the past, I do not want to give it that much importance, I do not want a future in which I remember that the past that I am creating now is something I will not remember, I do not want the bad of the past to clothe the good of what I’m sure now and turn it into something of its horrible color, I fight to be myself and never lose myself again.

Let go and move forward, you do not lose anything when you let go of everything that you do not want to do everything that reminds you of screaming that will not do you any good. It hurts the disorientation it hurts me to wonder how my life series has taken other decisions, it hurts me deeply all those times I felt wasting my time, but it is more painful to think how I would have destroyed myself mentally if my whole life had been guided precisely along that path from which I fled away to not return, as it would have been a completely wasted life I insist on believing that unfortunately you only realize how bad it was something for you when you get out of it. I am not someone with many friends, some of the new people that I have met feel that they are moving away maybe being an honest woman is not something very well received by all, some people like to lie to them they like that people similar to them be in their life, there are few people who love themselves and appreciate those who also have that self-love and make them part of their lives.

I felt very sad to realize that almost the majority of people in the world do not have self-love, and that makes my social life go away more and more, it is sad for me but I will not stop loving myself just to enter life of other people and pretend to be something they want it to be. I do not know who I write for, I’m really not sure if my writings can really reach someone and help that person to enter things that I write and I consider real only that writing here is good for me it makes me feel like I’m getting a lot out of what I need to reflect on everything that I write, it helps me to give myself a little mental order. I swear that I keep trying even when I feel I do not understand something of what little I am doing, I hope that you also let go and you can feel advance I sincerely wish it.

Photo taken from Pinterest



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