5 swimsuits for this summer

It is difficult to synchronize the mind with the body is quite stressful to be comfortable with your body, you want this perfect is not the definition of a perfect body, I think a perfect body is a healthy body. I struggle to fully accept my physique, I like the pancakes in the morning the original mix, it does not taste good when they are oatmeal its flavor is somewhat bitter, but it is healthy so it is better that I eat those oatmeal pancakes. Changing our eating habits is more difficult than following an exercise routine, but it is not impossible we can do it little by little you have nothing to lose by trying, the only thing that will come out of a healthy diet are victorious results.

Summer stalks our spring days, the body begins to feel heated, the beach appears in many minds. The beach is wonderful vitamin D that you get on those sunny days with a good sunscreen is splendid giving a beautiful tan color to our skin. I do not recommend taking much of the sun, pollution is now a chaos that got out of control and the ozone layer no longer fulfills its function 100% unfortunately that is the reality, I hope we all join to fight those bad habits to help to our only planet. Returning to the sunny summer, I was looking for swimsuits in pinterest select five that I think are the most successful for this year, I have several photographs pinned on a board called “tropical” my pinterest is kafmeblog.

I do not judge you by complicarte with your body, I complicate almost every day I am disciplined with endeavor to eat healthy to do my exercises is quite chaotic everything that our mind can get to stress. I do not agree that obesity is promoted in modeling campaigns, because obesity is a disease that can be deadly for whoever looks like it. What is needed is for the industry to inspire with healthy bodies, the modeling industry does not care about the health of overweight women who only want brands to earn more money at the expense of their overweight clients, it is not good to promote obesity . You have to be healthy by yourself so that you are well so that you can live more years a full life because if you are healthy you have everything, health comes first.

Having a healthy body is not the same as having a body without imperfections. A healthy body is one that is at its ideal weight according to its height and age, a healthy body is not one that spends hours in the gym but one that exercises at least one hour a day, he stays active and eats healthy, he is not the one who kills himself with hunger by following absurd diets that decontrol the metabolism and create the famous rebound effect. You can start today to take care of yourself, learning to cook your own food is not difficult, you do not need to buy a recipe book, now you can find easy and inexpensive recipes all over the Internet. Do not go to the beach wearing clothes that cover your entire body for fear of criticism from other people, you are a beautiful being who struggles every day to continue living in this life that is not entirely beautiful.

Nobody out there knows of your dreams of your battles, of your pain or joy no one knows everything that you have had to do not let people define who you are, it does not matter if you are overweight you can start now to change that, and while In the process, do not forbid yourself to wear such simple clothes as a bathing suit on the beach, you will know in your mind that you have started to fight and destroy everything that affects your health. To lose weight in a healthy and natural way will require time you will have to be patient and disciplined and you will see that next summer you will wear a new swimsuit and it will be different you will be a healthier human.

I hope you can inspire with these five swimsuits, you can find them in online stores or maybe even in a store in your city. I will leave you the description of each swimsuit so you can start your search, I also hope to go to the beach soon and share some more pictures that inspire me on those sunny days, in which I want to hear only the sound of the waves. It is pleasant when you go to the beach and it is almost empty, beach has to be equal to relaxation. I wish you a beautiful summer

Swimsuit number ONE 🧚🏼‍♀️

This style swimsuit is booming, decoration of shells is everywhere in the world of garments and accessories

Description: Stylish Halter Solid Color With Shell Women’s Bikini Set

Swimwear number TWO 🌱

Swimsuit two pieces satin simply spectacular.

Descripcion: Classic Triangle high cut bikini set

Swimwear number THREE🧜🏻‍♀️

Animal print is back since last year came with torrential force, it’s amazing how a forgotten style can once again boom due to the influence of fashion.

Description: Leopard print one piece swimsuit 🐆

Swimwear number FOUR👙

This swimsuit became a classic with its simple style and its variety of beautiful colors. This swimsuit is easy to find, I bought one in red in Wish I came exactly as it looked in the picture at an affordable price. If you buy in Wish I recommend you read the comments of the article that you are going to buy so that your purchase is safer.

Descripción: Cute Scrunch Spaghetti Bikini Set

Swimwear number FIVE🌞

This swimsuit is of the same fabric as the previous one, it is an olive green swimsuit Perfect for sunny days. Its design fits the silhouette of your body creating that asymmetric definition.

Description: One-piece bandage swimsuit, olive green

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