5 Dresses for this summer💥

The dresses are the official garment as far as I’m concerned for the representation of women’s fashion. Women are beautiful beings with unique differences before the opposite sex, the struggle of feminism lies in not being judged as a weaker sex, in demanding respect and equality of universal rights that every human being deserves in any society. Feminism is something that all women in the world must know, sadly the concept of feminism has been distorted with the new generation so much so that unfortunately feminism is even a subject of ridicule for some women, and it is urgent to change those misconceptions and structure the original concept so that the fight never dies.

The summer season is one of the most anticipated especially for young women who seek to have fun trying to have new experiences hopefully positive memorable. We are looking for those sunny days in some heavenly place, or in the pool having tropical sensations, the theme of the style in my case is very important, I think that creativity when assembling sets is an art because it is a way of expressing yourself unique seeks to combine with our personality. The feeling of going to the clothing stores and going crazy for wanting everything and suffering at the same time, since in this life for most of us there are more primordial things than spending all the money on clothes.

There are many economic options to renew your wardrobe, one of them is to sell the clothes that you do not like and with that money to buy new clothes, in Mexico there is an application called GoTrendier is an application to sell and buy other women’s clothes in mostly used clothes from them at a low price, is a good option to renew the wardrobe, I started using it last week to sell some of my clothes I am waiting for them to sell and earn extra money. That is one of the various options that exist to renew your wardrobe, another is to exchange clothes with your friends in order you can search the Internet for some options so that you can have access to new clothes. Women fashionistas are not empty women something that many times some people emphasize, believing that they have the right to actively categorize women like me who place a lot of importance on fashion.

Currently, the subject of fashion is something handled differently, fortunately it has greater relevance and importance, so much so that the phrase “How they see you are treated” is something applicable throughout the world, which is why pay attention to Our image is important I would dare to say that this topic even influences job opportunities. So women have good taste for fashion and image is something applauded not only shows your creativity but also your love to want the best for you physically and the most important to work on being healthy learn from everything that can help our growth intellectual so that in that way we are better prepared for the world.

Sunny days usually cause a bit of despair in our body temperature, which is why having a good selection of clothes for these hot days are essential for our mental health and thus be fresh to enjoy the sun. Dresses are an excellent choice for summer days, when choosing summer dresses do not look for the short ones thinking that this way you will feel fresher, what you have to look for are dressed with fresh and thin fabrics with bright colors or prints Simple, it does not matter that the dress is long until your ankles you will feel relaxed if the dress is made of oxford, flannel or polyester fabric, they will make you feel with a feeling of freshness. Do not look for tight dresses if you want to feel comfortable and cool, since tight dresses can cause some discomfort in your body.

There are all kinds of designs in different styles of dresses which you can find in physical stores or online if what you are looking for is not in your country you can opt for all those foreign stores that offer shipments around the world. Inditex stores are mostly youth offer a large catalog of garments of almost all styles and shapes at a price considered fair depending on the country, since for example the clothes in stores of Zara, Pull and bear, Stradivarius and Bershka in Honduras clothes are usually a little more expensive than in Mexico and that is due to the situation in Honduras since to put a business in Honduras is extremely expensive because of the legal paperwork that adds the cost of living so high in a country in where you earn very little, that and many other things make these stores have a high cost because of the poor economic situation in the country. In Mexico the economic situation is not very different from Honduras but it is better, so I have been able to make comparisons and here the cost of living is lower.

I mention inditex stores because I’m almost sure they are in almost every country in the world, so it’s easier to be familiar with these stores in which they have very nice clothes for sale at prices we could say fair since the quality of your clothes is good and if you later want to sell it when you no longer use it or you do not like it, it will not be devalued as much by the brand, depending on whether you care for your clothes and the clothes you want to sell are in good condition. Inditex have quite a few discounts in the year and you can take advantage of them. That if the discounts are in clothes of past seasons in my case does not affect me to buy clothes in promotion of past seasons since I am not very demanding when it comes to follow fashionable seasons, I feel that it is something that I can not economically do now. Even so there are many shops that fit your budget, I recommend investing in quality clothes and shoes so that they are durable and you can give them a thousand uses and create a thousand combinations with your other clothes.

Now without further ado and apologizing for writing a lot about clothes, it is a topic that excites me, it provokes me to give you some advice based on my experience so they can be useful for you, and we learn more about the fashion world. As in my other entry “5 swimsuits for this summer” I will leave the description of each dress if you want to buy them online, it is not necessary that they are exactly those dresses you can see them and be inspired to take them into account to the time to go to stores and look for something similar, you can find me on pinterest as Kafmeblog I have many boards on which you can be inspired. You can also find me on Instagram like @kafme and see some of my outfits and my days in Mexico, I hope you will be inspired by this selection of five dresses for this summer. I wish you some beautiful and cheerful summer days.

Number ONE dress✨ This dress above the knees is perfect for a casual occasion, on those sunny days its fabric and design adjust to your body without causing any discomfort you see that it is a custom made dress. It will look good even when you do not use accessories, its color and pattern make it a cheerful dress making you look pretty and sexy.

Description: Gracie Dress

Dress number TWO🌴 The most comfortable and cool this type of fabric is ideal for your body feels good will allow you to move and your body will be free. It does not matter if this dress is loose even so accentuate your figure since the style of the dress makes it a bit loose.

Description: Blanket fabric dress with buttons

Dress number THREE 🐝 A dress that imposes fashion and at the same time is cheerful which can sometimes be used as commitments to outdoor meetings, or a lunch on those wonderful sunny days. I love this dress

Description: Crossed Dress Zara $25.90

Dress number FOUR🍒 cherries everywhere, this pattern is easy to find due to the boom it has had. I bought a dress with cherry print in stradivarius pretty nice, it is a dress that will make you feel comfortable and make you look beautiful.

Description: Dress with cherry print

Dress number FIVE🥂 Spectacular dress what the simplicity well aimed achieves is incredible. This dress by itself does not go unnoticed is smooth of a single tone combined with correct accessories generates that explosion of fashion. I would like to have found it from another as a purple soft lilac color, any other color in a soft tone. It is perfect for summer with a good sunscreen since the skin is uncovered, this dress is cool⚡️

Description: Slip Dress Black

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