Survive a world that hurts me

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I’m holding back I do not want my night to be silent tears. The world is beautiful but there are a huge number of people who are bad and among all of them they have ended up in all the ways a beautiful place gives me a lot of pain when I think about all those things I do not want to have sad thoughts, I just want the inspiring days.

I moved to Mexico one season looking for new experiences and moving away from my country for being a place that burns in evil. I uploaded two videos on YouTube explaining my courage to leave everything I knew to venture out to a new country, last year I traveled to Mexico a few days I was excited to meet a new country when I finally met it was sensational Mexico is truly a beautiful place and all those sensations that he produced in me were a treasure.

I felt inspired. It really did not look like my country. My days as tourists were like a dream full of new culture and learning. When I returned from my trip just as I landed at the airport in Honduras I realized that I needed to live in another country I needed new experiences to learn. Before I had also wished to live some day in another country were only wishes I never imagined that all my young decisions would lead me to fulfill it.

After my trip to Mexico I spent two months in Honduras, I convinced my Mexican boyfriend to come to Mexico for a season. I was surprised that he saw me with those happy eyes saying yes to my great desire, I left the university and I ventured. In those two months I went to renew my Mexican visa, finally at the end of January of this year we came to this beautiful country. I have been here for three months in which I have been living in a small but cozy apartment in a place with a lot of history.

As the days passed I realized that my perception of tourists was fading, unfortunately Mexico is not very different from Honduras here there is also corruption, insecurity, discrimination, it hurts me because Mexico is a beautiful country there are still good people in this place. It hurts me that most Latin countries are violent, insecure due to corrupt governments that create poverty. I know that the change begins with us but I realized that in a place like Honduras you can be a good person but even so the same system prevents you from acting well.

When someone asks me which country I am, my answer is obviously from Honduras, their eyes change, they immediately think of the Honduran caravan. The Honduran caravan is something that emerged last year in which thousands of Hondurans left their country for the United States illegally, some of them caused disturbances in their passage through Mexico, which caused many Mexicans to be filled with xenophobia towards all Hondurans. I do not understand all this. It seems hypocritical to me that Mexicans generalize that I regret very much that many of the Hondurans in the caravan caused damages, but that does not mean that all Hondurans are like that.

The current president of the United States in his speech as a candidate for the presidency said that all Mexicans were criminals. What caused anger throughout Mexico since it is not true you can not generalize to a whole country because of the behavior of some people. Mexico felt very bad for those comments, but ironically they are doing the same as the president of the United States the Mexicans are attacking all Hondurans saying that we are all criminals, just because a part of the caravan behaved unacceptably.

I’m not guilty because of other people’s mistakes. People that I do not know, I know that many in that caravan left their homes looking for better opportunities for their lives, I know that the lack of information and organization added to the desperation made many of those Hondurans behave in a savage way. It hurts me that my country is so bad, it hurts me that the lack of quality education throughout Honduras causes so much ignorance and years of delay in a country with so much potential, I feel that anyone would hurt to see that their country falls apart making miserable the life of many good people who deserve light in their life.

I uploaded two videos on youtube, my channel is Kafme Videos. In those two videos I talked about Honduras and how it was to move to Mexico, explain that I was in a legal way to avoid being attacked. That stopped us, some people commented full of hatred towards me just for being from Honduras. I have been feeling very bad since in one of the comments they insulted me they even threatened me.

I know that these comments should not affect me because they are comments from anonymous people who hide trying to spread hatred in the world. The intention of making these videos was to inspire all those people who have dreams and who sadly live in an insecure country that does not offer them the tools to even try. I do not ask that all people in the world love me because that is impossible, but I also do not want to be hated by the mistakes of some people in my country. I am not guilty.

My childhood was traumatic, never in that part of my life was I stable, I was always moving from one place to another with people I did not know. Many of those people tried to rape me, a 4-year-old girl should not remember that but the bad things are usually remembered, the mind leaves them in a place that becomes part of you and come to light at moments throughout your life. life, to terrify and hurt you. My pain is remembering how helpless and exposed I was and being here now feeling safe in some way makes me feel better.

A few days ago I went to Mexico City to an indie music festival was a nice weekend in Mexico City. When I came back from the bus station while I was traveling to my apartment in Uber, I got a call in which the building manager told me that on that Sunday a group of thieves had gotten in to steal during the call, my reaction was exasperating. again insecure remembering how once in Honduras two thieves entered my house armed taking everything making me feel that this would be my last day of life. Good people should not have this happen to us. The world is insecure the same humans hurt each other and this whole life does not seem to live but to survive

The realization that I could have been in that department that Sunday and go back to the same thing or maybe something worse, I lost control of my new peace of mind. It made me realize that here is not a safe place either. I hate not having my happy ending yet, I hate that all this reminds me of how insecure I felt in my childhood and how insecure I still feel now, I do not like to cry but that comes back I try to be positive to be a good person but all He insists on getting me out of the cloud in insisting that the threat of suffering will return, it hurts me and it’s hard for me to be strong.

Reading those comments in my YouTube video reminds me that there are bad people, that I am exposed. In the comments they say that they do not want me in their country, that I am the same as all the Hondurans who created riots, that if I behave badly they will make me disappear. I know I should not care about them, but it reminds me of all those times I was exposed, the feeling returns like angry waves attacking me for no reason. The best tool for the path to inner strength is to express yourself freely to defend the things in which you believe, and if I die that will be good for me.

I want to tell you that the world is a beautiful place and at the same time it is a horrible place. I used to think that bad things happen to bad people, but it is not like that we are exposed defenseless life itself is fragile, but it is more fragile when there are countries in which insecurity got out of control. I want to be positive I want to imagine that there will be more positive than negative experiences, I want to keep fighting I want to try everything good that I have always wanted.

Do not fall into the error of generalizing, I still think that there are many good Mexican workers who, like me, have dreams that respect other good people regardless of their origin. The world is everyone’s that is why even human evolution is based on migration millions of years ago the world was of humans without any kind of prohibition. The nomads were known for traveling around the world looking for better places that offered better living conditions

Currently, all countries in the world have an entire migration system in which anyone can legally enter their country as a tourist or even stay to live applying for residence or marrying someone from that country. That means that always throughout the history of mankind any individual can go to any part of the world if it is what he wants by following and respecting the laws of the countries.

Latin America urgently needs quality education so that ignorance disappears and they stop attacking each other. I have seen the positive reaction of many Mexicans when foreigners are from first world countries, when they are not Latinos. It seems to me ignorant of their part, since pitifully that is one of the things that represent the majority of Latinos that selfishness they feel towards each other. Those bad people do not change and they take that to any place they go and because of their fault other countries generalize they despise us all the Latins falling in generalizing to all because of the behavior of many.

Be strong because there are bad people, defend yourself learn to persevere in everything you want. Do not let anyone have power in your life decisions are yours do not fall into the mistake of letting yourself be defeated by people who years ago forgot who they really were and dedicated themselves to behave like most, trying to destroy all the good that they will never be . You have to fight it’s worth living a life fighting and defending all the things you believe in, respecting the opinions of others even when you do not agree, it’s beautiful when two people can create friendship even when their way of thinking is completely different, respect is the path to peace. Peace that everyone needs

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