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Sweet wind running through my skin, delicious air of relief make me remember my childhood days in the countryside complaining about wanting all the fun of the city, being an empty human who does not realize how lucky he is to have contact with nature . Sunny day I like to see you from my window, I like how the trees move with the wind, enjoy the sun today, it is difficult, the ozone layer is broken and direct contact with you is not recommended, I liked to walk under your light in the past I remember that the day was illuminated and the feeling was freezing a combination that I want to feel again one day, I will never forget that feeling my legs purple from the cold while the sun illuminated in all its splendor.

I did not want the ocean, I did not want a coat either, I just wanted to run away wherever I was, I would have wanted the same thing. Nobody asks to come to this world we are the result of other people’s decisions, we have to deal with it and the world currently seems to be pure evil. Burning summer, every time it is your way through the earth everything seems to be different and not joy once, just chaos every time you come stronger looking less trees breathing a heavier air, wanting to die forever because this is not the world which some day you loved. It is not your fault, dear station, the others are also seeing the changes, they realized that humans were not a good idea that their evolution seems to end everything, it seems that everything is a process of self-destruction, that they die and not your. Sweet wind I apologize for belonging to an impure race, sorry for not having the power and kill all the humans who destroy you.

I know that one day you will be back that you will be intact as in the old days, you will breathe that clean air again, you will resurface but first you will have to finish everything that is damaged, you are doing it the real climate change you come slowly, trying to give us time even opportunities to change. We are deaf we do not want to hear you, we are focused on our passing lives, on television watching documentaries of your deterioration and eating sandwiches on plastic plates. We are sharing about your damage in our social networks believing that we are helping you, when talking about you in a platform created by technology, we are wanting the good humans that you have. I deeply hate that many entrepreneurs profit by killing you, in exchange for paper, money that is dirty. We could live naked in small houses that do not contaminate you, we could continue reproducing but teaching new humans to respect you to realize that you are their only home.

The time I realized that a millionaire from my country was a millionaire because he had a company that was responsible for eliminating garbage by throwing all that pollution into the oceans. It contaminates you directly because that disgusting human, with his machines, buries the trash like burying someone who died. I wanted to cry felt impotence that disgusting man left his country united states to move to a third world country and contaminate because he knew that the wealthy of that poor country are ruthless people and their money does not come in a good way. The corrupt governments of almost all countries, those representatives of other people turn a deaf ear they just want to steal as much as they can in their years of power. It makes me happy that you become pure evil and destroy us all, we do not deserve you I forgive you a thousand times for all natural disasters, because those disasters have been snowballs that have been born from the contamination of the same humans.

This humanity has a future guided by technology, one that will also destroy them hopefully the robots are truly a powerful intelligence and although they do not need to breathe air to live, surely they take care of you more than your own children. It hurts me that humans that if we love you suffer for the decisions of others, you are full of life every leaf, every drop of water has life you are incredible. You have created all living beings in a perfect way, they have destroyed many of your beautiful creations, extending them forever. Human reproduction has been exaggerated no small corner of the face of the earth is safe from our invasion. Animals hide, their reputation for attacking is a defense reaction, I think you should have guessed when a human died because of another. We attacked ourselves, wars never ended only changed strategies and names, there is still a war an old woman who has the power and use it to finish everything looking for riches filled with pleasure what gives you power.

They believe Gods think they are eternal, I am pleased to know that you did not give them eternity. They live their lives believing themselves invisible, forgetting all those days how fragile they are. When they die unfortunately their ideas do not die with them as part of their life is dedicated to preparing someone else to take their place, they are like a horrible plague that destroys everything in its path. I know you hate them I hate them too, I’m lonely I do not have great friends I know what it feels like no one around you sees how good you are, it feels horrible that almost everyone around you concentrates on stupid things. It seems that the times are changing even in human behavior, almost everyone seems stupid now they like watching videos of other people hurting, likes to watch videos and put virtual challenges like stupidity support it even make millionaires to those who make them.

The power of the Internet is not used to promote good works otherwise the internet is the home of many psychopaths who hide in false names and spend much of their lives to believe that they have the right to spread hatred to the lives of others . We are all exposed here human evil also uses social networks, even forming virtual communities in which they are dedicated to destroy the mental stability of the weakest those who think that their virtual life is everything. Imagine how far they have come, they do not realize that their only home is fading, they can not differentiate what it is to breathe bad air to breathe clean air, they are idiots I am an idiot to believe that I will go down in history because of my authenticity because the current world ignores me and all those who exist who live a life being authentic modern art are the kardashian and its scandals that seems to be the golden entertainment for them. I have nothing to find them because they are intelligent in some way they take economic advantage of the spectators who claim to be part of their lives.

I am sorry that you do not have the prominence that you deserve planet earth I feel that humans are created owners of you. I am very sorry that you are not what you imagined one day, I am very sorry that evil has won over what is good. Last night I had a dream one in which I was with people from the past, in the dream one of them admired to see me was seen in the expression on his face that I never imagined he would see me again. He in the past kissed me when I did not want I was helpless I was thirteen years old and he was the popular school at what I wanted, because in that dream I try to kiss again I am not that same girl in the dream I made a fist with my I gave him a little hand and yelled telling him that he would never hurt me again. It’s time that they do not see you so helpless, it’s good for me to know that your change is the product of the damage they’ve done to you. You’ve been working on revenge. That revenge will end with everyone until you take the risk because you know it’s the only way what do you have to stop all the damage you never deserved, you know you will come back full one day.

Your birth will return from the ocean, you will resurface, you will, your new life will be perfect, there would be no more humans.

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