Sad Ángel

We wanted to change the world we wanted to be part of something historical, we died to be eternal in the minds of many unknown people. I do not know at what moment the course was lost, I would like to remember the exact minute where the forgetting began. The wind moving the green trees, no longer looks so inspiring. The gray days began to have inspiration, are the closest thing to the unhappiness that torments us.

You are somewhere in the house leaving you to be absorbed by technology, social networks in which you are interested in the lives of strangers. We would like to wake up to feel that energy again those innovative ideas, I am sorry that nobody was there to support you. I hate that the only thing that moves people is interest, those that look for something in return for their “support”

The new news of the world are not discoveries of the past with a new treasure, the new news is not peace, the new news is about wars that start, the prominence of the covers is currently about human stupidity. I understand perfectly because that imposed to want to surrender, the world is not what I inspire you ever. I know it hurts I can not die and finish it you can not waste a life, nor can you be happy in a toxic present.

The sunset sky has new colors, colors created by pollution. Popular music talks about sex, its lyrics make it clear that women are just a sexual symbol. The saddest thing about those songs is that a large part of their audience are women, they like the reference, they do nothing, machismo continues to take center stage in such a brazen manner.

You are growing the world changing perspective, people are not all good, you have to deal with an unfair system. You miss all those old days, those days where everything simple has become important when you remember it. The scenarios in which you felt safe changed, being adult means continue with your life and do it yourself.

The safe home is you. Being fair can mean being bad to defend everything that costs you to impose is a constant battle. The world seems only to go in the wrong direction. I believe that I do not deserve to have been born in this generation, I am a good person, one who believes in dreams, one who wants to succeed by doing good.

I see that colorful sun when I wake up I would like to enjoy it, I am giving a lot of importance to virtual life I am desperate for wanting everything I do to be part of the path I have decided to take. I do not like it, the person that I currently am does not like to have empty days. I do not want to become or be close to what all my life I hated, I do not want stupidity to catch me, I do not want stupidity to catch you.

I like to imagine the magic I would like to have a little of that, it is admirable that you get up and continue. I want all your hugs, I am desperate to feel again. You can not change a world so damaged, you can not have a perfect life is impossible. The mind traps us deviates we believe that we have control but it is the mind that controls us, I honestly hate the instability.

I remember the feeling of the days of rain observed from the window, seeing the horizon looking to see something more than just that, some kind of sign something that told me that everything will be fine. I know you had or have big dreams, do not let them sleep forever. Go through a stormy life, you’ve done more than you ever imagined.

It hurts a lot when the past brings you all those sensations, that you supposed you had forgotten, it seems like you’re never going to run away from that. You have never thought that maybe you have to have a healthy relationship with that past to give it a positive reason so that it does not hurt anymore, there must be something positive in all that shit. It is not so easy to sleep early, bad thoughts seem at night, they question you talk about what would have happened if you were somewhere else now.

I know that everything will be fine if your current path is the result of your own decisions, those pure ones which were not influenced by anyone else. Let’s find that light I still want to change my world, I still want to run into the arms of whoever makes me feel, I want that change I do not want to be perfect I just want to live I want to do it well all my days.

Photo taken from Pinterest



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