Confucio Chinese philosopher

No matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop


This is a phrase that I try to remember in my days of despair, I constantly fight not to give up, time keeps advancing I keep fulfilling more years, and the desperation for not having fulfilled my biggest dreams against my mental balance. I was reading about this magnificent Chinese philosopher called Confucius, I need to read his lines to learn his wisdom, and continue my long journey.

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The father of confucius died when he was only three years old, leaving him and his family drifting in undesired poverty. That tragedy was not an excuse to give up, he had a good education which allowed him to start working from a very young age, he began to work in the state granaries his hard work he became a minister of justice, he left that important position years later , since he did not agree with the policy that the prince was following. From this point I can realize the honorableness of Confucius, in the dynasties of China being an honorable man was the dream of every good man.

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Confucius lost his faith in the Gods because of wars, at the age of fifty he began his teachings. He traveled alone from one side to the other instructing the few disciples who gathered around him. Thus began the story of Confucius in the world of wisdom, soon all Chinese would know about it. Over time, various emperors were inspired by the work of Confucius to organize the Chinese society. Confucius was a Chinese philosopher, his idea was to achieve the prosperity of society based on having relationships of full harmony.

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In short, the life of the Confucius thinker was surrounded by strong demands on him, fighting hard to change the Chinese society promoted by creating a justice that would allow everyone to live in peace, his name and his legacy are considered a world heritage. Confusion what many desire for eternity, and their conversations with disciples are now phrases that inspire many people all over the world. I will quote some of your phrases in this post, and my interpretation is important to be able to inspire you from wise people because they are the ones who guide you making your life have LIFE.

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Demand yourself a lot and expect little from others. This will save you trouble


My interpretation: Do not wait for someone or something to solve your life, not move forward in life is like walking, you can not move to another place without getting up and walking, every person out there lives their life as they wish they do not want or think Just like you, do not concentrate on the lives of others. Devote all that time to your own life, just so you will advance.

Wherever you want to go, go with all your heart.


My interpretation: Life can be boring if you have new experiences, your heart beats every day, you do not want depression to appear. Be yourself wherever you go, do it with all the excitement of the world, you have to thank the power you have to discover new things, not everyone has the joy of seeing new scenarios as their life turns gray and they were stranded.

Where there is education there is no distinction of classes


All human beings are equal in our anatomy the only difference is the development of our mind, we are not all equal in the way we think and see things, we all die some day. The ignorance of a person is reflected when he thinks that money gives him a different place, society makes him believe it but it is not like that. If you are a good citizen and human being you will want peace, and peace begins when you are a human being who lives life with his feet on the ground, respecting other people even when his way of thinking is different from the rest. If you want peace you have to respect.

Knowing what is fair and not doing it is the worst of cowardice.


My interpretation: What is wrong is wrong no end justifies the means, justice is the only remedy to cure a wounded people. Good people have to live with bad people that is the reality of the world, because nobody brings a sign on the forehead that tells what category of person belongs. The fact that nobody is aware of your bad deeds, does not mean that you will be saved, your conscience learned to know what is good and what is bad, you will never escape from it, and whatever bad happens in your life you will be able to answer the question by poking at your past, being fair does not guarantee you a happy life, what if it guarantees you is a calm conscience.

If you serve nature, it will serve you.


My interpretation: A wise phrase in this present day in which nature is disappearing, forgive our good souls, confucius that teaching of yours does not reach the hatred of all, even the human being logically knows that the existence of nature is its own existence human, even they have made deaf hatred have destroyed their only home, the next thing is the disappearance of humans themselves, that’s what they have taken care of.

The wisdom of confucius comes to my hatreds, and I can only praise his teachings as much as he has reason, he is the medicine to cure mental imbalance. You can read about this great Chinese thinker, there are many more of his sentences and the interpretation of them will be according to the story of your life, it is like art has a wide opening for different interpretations.

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