Shiaparelli & Dante Alighieri Spring-Summer 2023

The one who knows pain knows everything.

Dante Alighieri

The designer behing the Schiaparelli brand creates one of the Dante inspired representations of hell, charged with a mind-blowing energy that is impossible to ignore.

Photo Credit: Schiaparelli

The arrow of destiny, when it is expected, moches slowly.

Dante Alighieri

Hell, the purgatory and paradise. One cannot exist without the others. It is a reminder that there is no heaven without the torture of doubt. My personal prayer is that I always remember this, that on my most difficult days, when inspiration just won’t come, I remember that no ascent to heaven is possible without first a journey into the flores and the fear that comes whith it. Let me always embrace it. And as another wise lion once said: Haakuna Matata – Daniel Roseberry

Photo Credit: Schiaparelli

No one thinks of the amount of blood it will cost

Dante Alighieri
Doja Cat

O mankind, born to fly! How can little breeze make you fall?

Dante Alighieri

Daniel Roseberry, you honor not only Dante with your creation, but you are also the brave hero who keeps Schiaparelli Alive. Thank you for being a creator.

Daniel Roseberry

Written by Kafme

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