A Peek into Your Spiritual Essence

Wrapped in cold skin, your eyes are pure and the colors of the rainbow burst. I’ve told you time and time again how beautiful your hair is and how it holds onto time. Although you may be a tough nut to crack, I am here to thank you for helping me open up a little so we can delve deeper.

Your soul deserves to bring all its desires to life. Living in an infinite number of realities, you are a seasoned traveler who is able to remain rooted in the present moment. Thank you for guiding me to a safe landing. I could gaze upon the movement of your existence forever, marveling at your silent allure.

I sense your presence as you observe me in this room, soothing my desperate soul with the sound of your tranquility. Though I could speak volumes about you, I am still only scratching the surface. I hope we can continue to delve deeper together.

Despite the wars raging in your land, your soul remains a beautiful banner of peace.

Foto de Javier Mendoza

Written by Kafme

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