Lost in Time: Reliving the Eternal Moment

I can feel the different shadows that create figures on this bed where we are now. I can see how your existence tries to create something eternal that will endure in the memories that you can access when you want to relive this moment. I wonder if we have gone back in time to repeat it. It seems as if I have already experienced it before.

M2-9: Wings of a Butterfly Nebula 

We are at the age of twenty, where, according to human perception, we will have to undergo different tests to discover what we really want in life. I can say with certainty what I want and feel all the different realities waiting to be experienced.

My body is naked as the encounter with yours begins. You connect me to a single rhythm and I can, at that moment, quiet my mind and be together in the present. I asked you this morning, as you penetrated me, what you were thinking and you replied «nothing». Then I could join that nothing with you while we made everything happen.

Foto de Sena Aykut

The different questions that try to answer the idea of life do not let me rest, and I do not want to resort to any external substance to calm my mind, because I am grateful for the ability to feel all of this. I feel grateful for meeting new people and entering their world. At first, they may show me a house built from what is convenient for them, but I have the ability to demolish that house in a second and know their true construction in progress. Thank you for opening your house and allowing me to enter mine.

Yesterday, as we talked, I could see your essence. I had never met a woman who intimidated me. It’s as if I could see myself through you, and your energy feeds my spirit, telling me strongly that we are made to be agents of change and have discovered the power of creation. I want to be your friend and create with you.

For me, friendship is a process and I feel sadness that, nowadays, this concept has moved so far from its original idea. It is easy for many to call «friend» someone they have only seen a couple of times, when in reality, any relationship requires a process to create a unique and true bond, something with a solid foundation that creates an environment where both parties can be themselves without fear of being judged. Opening up to friendship means accepting and recognizing each other’s constant changes, and choosing to be in each other’s life. If we come to feel that the other person’s update is no longer compatible, we simply have to let go and be grateful.

In a country with Euro-Asian influences, it is said that people are not very expressive in their body language. However, someone said that, even though they may appear serious, they may be smiling inside.

Nasa, STS-41B c

We are amazing human beings, our brains are machines that we can program and our body is the expression that is evolving for the different realities we want to experience. I like to look into the depth of your eyes because I know that within that place awaits all the machinery that builds your essence, I like to start the conversation with you, I want to continue in the conversation with you, let’s keep feeding each other.

You said that there is much of me that wants to come out, and it is true. It is incredible how our body can support so much of the mind, and the soul is the consciousness of an organization that does not forget its purpose. I want to keep freeing myself, I want to be free in all expressions of what freedom means, I want to keep falling in love with this life without judgment, I want to unlock it in this life, absolutely everything I want to explore.

I am writing about four different human beings in this conversation…

Written by kafme.

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