Magic Letter for you By Kafme

What would you say if I told you that everything you dream of making a reality is possible? I affirm that everything your soul longs to experience in this life has the power to manifest, and in your precious hands as a human being lies the ability to make it a reality. But to get there, you need to return to the conversation with yourself.

Are you living from that voice, or have you disconnected from it? To connect with yourself, you will have to confront yourself and ask yourself where exactly you left off, and in what geographical position your body is, and if you can still hear your true inner voice clearly.

What is your first memory of when you were a child? When was the first time you felt truly alive? When did you first feel that you had an entire planet Earth to experience? I remember lying in my paternal grandmother’s house, looking up at the white painted ceiling. When she punished me, she would send me to my room and lock the door, so that I could reflect clearly on my actions and why I had chosen to act that way. I was only four years old, and I suppose my fault was not following her rules, which consisted of asking her absolutely everything before making a decision, because she was my guide at that moment. My dear grandmother Dominga is a wise and protective soul, creator of a beautiful and honest family. I feel grateful to have her as my grandmother.

Photography by Gerardo Manzano

On an ordinary afternoon in my childhood past, I disobeyed my schedule to play in my grandmother’s garden. As punishment, she sent me to my room to reflect on my disrespect for time. Although her intention was to teach me to be more aware of time, in my childlike innocence, time was an abstraction without meaning. However, at that moment, I felt my heart beating and understood, albeit briefly, that life is finite. I cried and thanked for being alive, for having the opportunity to experience life on this planet. Since then, I have wished with faith to have as many years as possible to experience everything that life has to offer from its most illuminated side, aware of the fragility and mortality of my human body.

Sometimes living in this reality feels like a wonderful game, especially when we are children and our innocence protects us. Although at times I lacked that protection in my childhood, those moments have shaped me into the woman I am today, and they inspire me to become the woman I want to be in the future. We all have the choice to live with a consciousness that nurtures and inspires us to learn, experience, and be responsible for our decisions, or to live from unconsciousness, which takes us away from the true path of our soul.

Photography By Jess Loiterton

Throughout my life, I have observed this reality from different perspectives, both realistic and magical, to form an internal opinion from my soul and an external opinion through experience. Although I am still searching for my path, I can confidently say that our life is a manifestation of our being, a joint creation of the soul and the brain. Although I am still working on connecting more deeply with my soul and my brain, I know that my destiny is to optimize that connection and live in a dancing balance.

For many years, my ego refused to listen and study the different opinions of other beings, whether written or verbal. My ego did not want anything to disturb its divine creation regarding its ideas about life. But as I have been healing my ego, trying to have a healthy relationship with it, I have realized that studying through reading, listening, and sharing with other human beings can expand and immerse me in an infinite conversation. From the consciousness of my own conversation, this gives me the acceptance of eternity and the deep desire to become one with everything and everyone, and coexist from love and peace, born of a divine and infinite energy, that creates wonderful experiences of what we call life.

That is why I want to share with you the beginning of a new project that I know you will love. But before continuing with this reading, I want to thank you for reading each of my articles for these past six years. I am now 24 years old, but the first time I started this project, I was only 17 years old. I was in my room in Honduras and I was not clear about what I wanted to create, but I felt that I wanted to live by creating.

Illustration by Neville Goddard 

The design of this website consists of a puzzle that is pieced together according to the experiences of my life that I want to share, and according to the different interests about this life. It’s amazing that through this time, an infinite community has been created with whom we have connected, because we know that at the end of the day, regardless of the different processes we are going through in life, what connects us is knowing that at the end of each path we discover that we are all one. Knowing this makes us grateful that life feels light, knowing that with conscious individuality we can all move towards a peaceful and honest evolution.

My wish always for each and every one of you is to live from your true inner voice. To help you manifest the life you wish to experience, I have created a blank page. Through the information you provide me about what you wish to experience, I will write a beautiful and poetic digital letter addressed to you, with an artistic design so you can print it and add it to your visualization moodboard, or so you can have it in your room and read it every day when you wake up, reminding yourself of your beautiful and true dreams. This way, you can observe every day through faith and work how all those dreams come true. True realities that are born from the expression of your true conscious being, who has understood that happiness is an internal path that only expresses itself outwardly.

Link to my store where you can buy this digital product created by Kafme

I have called this magical letter because it will narrate the story of your future self from my point of view based on the information you share. This magical letter is available for purchase on the amazing Etsy platform, and delivery will be made within 24 hours after you have made the purchase and sent your information.

Thank you for coinciding in this life with me, thank you for coinciding in this life with yourself.

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  1. Aló, me encontré la entrada » Llorando esta el monstruo después de haber incendiado la casa » e hice una muy sencilla ilustración sobre esta frase que se me parece preciosa. Eso me condujo hasta esta bellísima carta. Si me permites compartirte la ilustración, te dejo mi correo,
    Espero todo lo que haz sembrado te nutra por siempre

    Me gusta

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